Which is the world’s toughest exam?


As a college student, understanding how to motivate yourself to complete a task is a valuable asset. Whether you are entering college immediately after graduating high school or you are a non-traditional student, you will need to make some important decisions. Making choices such as whether you will attend class, study, relax or entertain are important decisions that can affect your college education. Employing some motivational strategies can help you face the challenges and distractions in order to achieve your goal and finish college.

Being persistent is one beneficial motivation strategy you can implement when you are faced with a challenge. At some point during your college career, you will encounter classes that may be difficult for you; for example, you may need to fulfill a required math course credit but may not excel at math. Recognize your weaknesses early and take a proactive approach such as finding a tutor. Avoid letting frustrations build to the point that you give up on the task. With diligence, you will force yourself to work harder and conquer your difficulties. Remind yourself of your goal to finish college and be persistent when challenges arise.

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