What year is the hardest in high school?


Don’t wait until you hit a roadblock to meet with a college advisor. Dedicated to student success, a college advisor has the inside track on class options, graduation requirements and special resources for students. Regular meetings are important and will help you stay on top of scheduling classes. Your academic advisor can also help you explore career options and, if you decide to change your major, provide assistance. If you’re wondering about how to contact your academic advisor, begin by sending an e-mail to request a meeting. When you go to the meeting, be prepared with questions and topics to discuss with your college advisor.

Your first meeting with your academic advisor will be focused on building a relationship and determining your course schedule. If you have selected a major, your advisor will show you the academic map and help you register for classes. It’s common to be undecided as a first year student. Often an academic advisor will suggest that new students take care of general education requirements, before digging deeper into a specific major. Use your first meeting with an advisor to discuss the academic options and create a schedule that is a good fit for your needs. Be honest, if you aren’t a morning person. You don’t want to schedule an 8:00 a.m. class, if you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Remember, your academic advisor is there to help you succeed.

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